Multi Function Proteins

Powerful New Proteins
Empower Innovation and Sustainability

High performance multi function proteins for a sustainable future.

Xias Bio are expert in the design, engineering and manufacture of multi function proteins. Our LiteProtein™ platform creates new sustainable higher performance alternatives to any protein.

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From cosmetics and personal care, to biotech and life science manufacturing, the future is Xias Bio. LiteProteins™ are the sustainable high performance alternative to any single function animal derived or recombinant protein.

Highly soluble, low molecular weight.

Optimised for enhanced performance or enhanced active “concentration”.

Configurable to include ‘active motifs’ from one, two or multiple different proteins.


Cosmetics & Personal Care

New and exclusive protein ingredients to unlock product innovations. Backed by rigorous science.



An adaptable scalable approach to innovate next generation biomaterials, peptides and  manufacturing processes.