License Xias Proteins

Access for Everyone

Xias’ Lite Protein™ platform is application agnostic. We use it to create families of multi function proteins, enabling the development of new compounds, formulations and products to meet the functional requirements of customers across diverse global markets. Every company and every organization—of any shape or size, serving any industry—is a welcome participant in the Xias Bio ecosystem.

Formulate Fast

Xias provide multiple ways to get started with fast and efficient entry points to our chimeric protein libraries. Xias licensing options offer individual as well as bundles of multi function chimeric proteins at a range of fees to meet the diverse needs of both existing and new customers. We want our customers to benefit from Xias’ proven, highly performant and efficient technology, to innovate without risk, and get to market faster than ever.

Talk with an Expert

Find out how our high performance multi function chimeric proteins can drive innovation for your products.